Importance of Networking in Career

I agree with Anthony as he talks about the importance of networking in this Youtube interview. In today’s modern era, networking is considered as oxygen if you wish to excel in your career. In my opinion, through Networking, one can grow self-confidence and feel increasingly comfortable in a variety of social situations. Feeling self-confident not only helps you perform better in your career, but also can help you hone your ability to put your best foot forward and be stand out employee or candidate for a new job.

Additionally, networking helps you gain lifelong relationships that you can trust and count on. Professionals who gave importance to networking tend to be much more successful over the course of their career.

One more key benefit of networking is that it makes you noticeable. Once, people start noticing you, they start getting to know you. And when this happens, it means you are closer to landing that dream job.

Watch the full Interview of Anthony Scaramucci, CEO of Skybridge Capital, and former White House Director of Communications by clicking here for more thoughts on this topic and others.

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